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Bowles came into Nelson's office and threw that five-dollar bill at him.
Reach into your pocket right now and there's a good chance you'll find a couple of national park icons floating around--the Lincoln Memorial on the penny and the five-dollar bill, or sites like Crater Lake and the New River Gorge which appear on the 50 state quarters released in the last ten years.
We got a lot of envelopes with a dollar bill or a five-dollar bill, even one with a twenty.
I can never look at a five-dollar bill the same way.
Look," I said to the clerk, as I let him see a five-dollar bill I was implicitly offering as an emolument, "What is the asking price?
She writes her address inside an old book and gives it away to a charity shop, while he writes his name and number on a five-dollar bill.
Jim also performs with the group as the Human Blockhead, drilling nails up his nose, laying his face in broken glass and stapling a five-dollar bill to his forehead.
Instead, Sara decides that Jonathan should write his name on a five-dollar bill and she writes her name inside a book and sells it to a used book store.
The idea: If that book or five-dollar bill winds up in their hands, then they're meant to be together.
If the woman pulls a five-dollar bill out of her pocket and hands it to the man, she has effected a transaction that has an economic cost to her but no favorable tax consequences.
But the jaundiced look in their eyes tells you they have seen every shade of punter, every triumph, every hard-luck story, every pile of chips, every five-dollar bill laid on the wrong number.
They come with a dirty shirt and a five-dollar bill," the complaint went, "and they don't change, either.
It is like the person who leaps up in church, waves a five-dollar bill in the air, and shouts out: 'Hey, everybody, look at me
Bob Pileggi, owner of Rahway Electric Supply, likens the features newly available today in Prophet 21 Acclaim 14 to finding a five-dollar bill on the floor: "They just make our lives a little bit better," he said.
Senor Gonzales said, handing us a five-dollar bill.