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But there is too much accrued history for a vulcan argument to persuade black voters, women, or the poor and less educated that they should accept selective disenfranchisement because, from Brennan's perspective, a vote is worth less than a serendipitous five-dollar bill.
A century and a half later, Lincoln remains one of the most revered presidents in American history, his face adorning both the one-cent coin and the five-dollar bill, carved 60ft high into the side of Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, and his achievements celebrated in this year's huge hit movie Lincoln, starring Daniel Day-Lewis.
A favorite old joke of finance professors goes like this: "I was walking on campus with Eugene Fama* the other day, and I pointed to a five-dollar bill on the sidewalk.
The parade of real, live and not-so-live people passing across the screen this season range from the beloved to the infamous, from the totally anonymous to Abraham Lincoln, whom Daniel Day-Lewis makes as familiar as a five-dollar bill.
His five-dollar bill turned up several historical panoramic photos of the city of Eugene, taken from the top of Skinner Butte over a span of decades.
The nickel features a beaver, the quarter has a caribou and a five-dollar bill depicts a kingfisher.
Initially, Hampton approached Blevins and his companions outside and asked for change for a five-dollar bill.
Bowles came into Nelson's office and threw that five-dollar bill at him.
Reach into your pocket right now and there's a good chance you'll find a couple of national park icons floating around--the Lincoln Memorial on the penny and the five-dollar bill, or sites like Crater Lake and the New River Gorge which appear on the 50 state quarters released in the last ten years.
We got a lot of envelopes with a dollar bill or a five-dollar bill, even one with a twenty.
Jack opened his pay envelope and put thirty-six dollars on the table, taking a five-dollar bill and giving her a ten and a one.
I can never look at a five-dollar bill the same way.
Look," I said to the clerk, as I let him see a five-dollar bill I was implicitly offering as an emolument, "What is the asking price?
Since Lincoln is already honored on the five-dollar bill, no one gets shuffled aside, and the "trickle down theory" will be suitably honored and enshrined.
She writes her address inside an old book and gives it away to a charity shop, while he writes his name and number on a five-dollar bill.