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any monosaccharide sugar containing five atoms of carbon per molecule

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Earlier work showed that TNA can pair up with DNA and RNA, and TNA's four-carbon sugar threose is a simpler molecule than the five-carbon sugars found in DNA and RNA.
Genomatica first produced BDO from glucose in February 2008, and has since demonstrated the ability to produce BDO at high levels from sucrose as well as from xylose, a five-carbon sugar.
Xylose is a wood sugar, a five-carbon sugar that is very abundant in lignocellulosic biomass but not in our food.
MINNEAPOLIS, March 22 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Following the recent publication in the New England Journal of Medicine that the failing heart is an "engine out of fuel" (N ENGL J MED 356;11, March 15, 2007), Bioenergy Life Science reports that D-ribose, a simple, five-carbon sugar, is a plausible option for addressing the nation's heart disease epidemic.
These studies recently led researchers to the discovery of a yeast in the NCAUR collection that can be used to ferment L-arabinose, a five-carbon sugar found in agricultural wastes such as the fibers left from wet-milling of corn.