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For further information on the Five of Hearts and Payroll Giving, contact Fidelis Hynam on 0845 120 6894 or 07970 457 376, or visit the website www.
WANTED: Ammash was five of hearts on the US deck of cards
The Five of Hearts links five of the city's most respected charities enabling them to work together to raise vital funds to help support the thousands of disadvantaged and life-limited children and adults in the region.
I recommend every chief executive and director in Birmingham promotes payroll giving with Five of Hearts.
By signing up to the Five of Hearts payroll giving scheme, donations are taken from an employee's wage packet before tax and split equally between the five charities.
If people can give an amount each month from their salary to the Five of Hearts it will enable the five charities to continue with their current services, while also supporting the development of new much-needed projects.
The Five of Hearts is a collaborative payroll giving initiative between the Birming-ham Foundation, Birmingham Focus on Blindness, St Basils and Acorns.
Officials at America's defence department said five of hearts Ammash, 49, was taken into custody on Sunday.
The Five of Hearts, a collaborative payroll giving initiative between the Birmingham Foundation, Birmingham Focus on Blindness, St Basils and Acorns, confirmed the news at a breakfast held last week, attended by more than 60 leading decision makers.
That means anyone who payroll gives to the Five of Hearts is helping five charities in one transaction.
The Five of Hearts represents Acorns Children's Hospice, Birmingham Children's Hospital, Birmingham Focus on Blindness, Birmingham Foundation and St Basil's and all donations that are made via an individuals pay will be split between the five members.
The Five of Hearts was founded by some of Birmingham's favourite charities to take advantage of the current initiatives available to companies if they promote payroll giving to their employees.
Charities dubbed the Five of Hearts have teamed up to encourage employees to get involved with payroll giving.
You hold: West A Q 5 3 K J 4 K 9 2 K 5 4East K 6 8 2 A 6 4 3 A J 10 9 8Your contract receives the lead of the five of hearts.
North played the queen of clubs to clarify the club position and then led the five of hearts.