American ginseng

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North American woodland herb similar to and used as substitute for the Chinese ginseng

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The five continents were the five fingers -- each of varying size and strength.
Explaining why the place is called Five Fingers, he said, "It's shaped like the palm of a hand with the fingers spread out.
5-inch of display screen with 2560 x 1600 or 2K resolution capable of supporting at least five fingers touch recognition.
So it was nice to put up five fingers for the 5-0 win.
Adebayor said sorry to Spurs fans who saw him hold up five fingers after the 5-0 loss to Liverpool.
Users can wake up the tablet using the five fingers placing on the screen or by holding the tablet in the portrait mode and placing both the thumbs on the edges of the screen for skipping the lock screen.
Allthe five fingers of his left handwere amputated, he also suffers from injuries all over his body and his health is deteriorating due to medical negligence.
Tony Post, former boss of rubber-sole and barefoot-running firm, Vibram, is trading in five fingers for two toes this time.
ProDigit fingers can be used to replace all five fingers (including the thumb) or any set of consecutive fingers.
He lost both legs above the knee, five fingers, his left eye and had to have most of his face reconstructed.
4:11, suggesting that Paul may have used five fingers as a way to show that the Holy is imprinted in Creation.
into the sea I love my five fingers stretching open at the same time
CTC artistic director Brosius and CTC director of new play development Adams present a collection of four such works commissioned by CTC--Anon(ymous), The Lost Boys of Sudan, Five Fingers of Funk, and Prom--which have all been performed at CTC to critical acclaim.
A FACTORY worker had five fingers chopped off by a giant rotary saw.