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a place of business with equipment and facilities for exercising and improving physical fitness

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Community Fitness Center offers an affordable and convenient fitness option for Palatine residents located on the second floor of Community Center, 250 E.
The information of how many times the individuals who became members of the fitness center for a period of one year used the facility throughout their memberships were recorded in the entry-exit system.
Full time on-floor supervision of BOTH fitness center locations to insure the proper use and safe operation of equipment during open hours.
Inaugurated by Bollywood actress Ms Payal Rohatgi, Country Club's latest fitness center is equipped with state of the art equipment & qualified trainers.
Premier Fitness Marketing is a full service health club marketing, fitness center promotion and gym advertising company.
He noted that currently they would start by opening three new branches of Kai fitness center in Jeddah.
Whether using a facility specifically designed for people with disabilities, such as the one at CILCP, or considering a fitness center open to the general public, there are some important considerations that individuals with disabilities should keep in mind before participating in a physical fitness routine.
Aragon delivered a new fitness center consisting of a main exercise floor with weights and machines--along with aerobics and yoga rooms, a relaxation lounge and locker rooms with shower facilities for men and women.
Other stories in the series dealt with housing exemptions and other forms of tax breaks extended to religious organizations, including the exemption for housing that clergy receive and breaks given to religious orders to run ostensibly secular businesses such as retirement communities and fitness centers.
That way, after you've built the fitness center, when someone comes along and says we need a cineplex on campus, you're in a position where you've already thought about the general issue and not the specific issue.
2 -- 3 -- color) Above: Valerie Landon engages in an exercise regimen under the watchful eye of personal trainer Michelle Nakamura at Synergy Performance Health and Fitness Center in Woodland Hills.
So while a fitness center may seem on the surface to be just another item in a list of amenities offered by a retirement community, Vista del Monte serves as an example of how promoting physical wellness can enhance and enrich many aspects of seniors' lives--more independence, more socialization, more availability to the community at large.
In the late 1990s, Meadow Lakes turned its focus of care from a medical model to a well received wellness model, adding a cutting edge fitness center and indoor pool Dining services, however, weren't keeping pace with the many changes that marked Meadow Lake's constant evolution and fresh, healthful approach.
Andy visits the fitness center at least 3 days a week and religiously performs the exercises recommended by the exercise physiologist.
a 1992 case in Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas, Cleveland, Ohio, a patron of a fitness center was reportedly awarded $250,000 after suffering a cardiovascular emergency on the premises.