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Synonyms for boxing



Synonyms for boxing

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The second chapter focuses on male-on-male violence, exploring the world of male dueling and fist-fighting.
Sword-wielding Uma Thurman and fist-fighting Hilary Swank battle head-to head for Best Female Performance in the 2005 MTV Movie awards.
For all his fist-fighting, damsel-rescuing, tough-talking bravado.
He was fired off a fishing boat after fist-fighting the captain over dolphins and was dumped off at the San Pedro pier with no friends and no job prospects.
Casting is under way for the independent feature, ``Death Row Dolls'' - shades of '50s B-grade drive-in fare - and includes such femmes fatales as a woman who burned down a modeling agency, another who broke a man's neck while fist-fighting in a parking lot and an ``angry blonde'' who committed parricide.