nuclear fission

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a nuclear reaction in which a massive nucleus splits into smaller nuclei with the simultaneous release of energy


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NWC negotiations would also put on the table crucial abolition-related measures, such as the development of stringent warhead and fissionable material accounting procedures, that are not currently the subject of negotiations.
The rest of the world is concerned, and rightfully so, that states that do not now possess nuclear weapons can still acquire fissionable material, either indigenously or by transfer.
As provided in Article 3bis(2) of the 1988 SUA Convention, the treaty would not require criminalization of the transport to or from the territory of, or under the control of, an NPT state party of source or special fissionable material.
Moreover, while 1ran is openly increasing its capacity to produce more of this low enriched uranium with additional centrifuges, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in February and May verified Iran is simultaneously converting some of its enriched uranium to fuel stocks thereby reducing the amount of fissionable material potentially available for a nuclear bomb.
At the time of such an accident the pump sprays boric acid water into the vessel and eliminates contamination of the fissionable material.
50) In its relevant provisions, the SUA Protocol criminalizes (1) the transport of any explosive or radioactive material, knowing that is intended to be used to cause death or injury; (51) (2) any biological chemical, or nuclear (BCN) weapon; (52) (3) any source material or special fissionable material, knowing that it is intended to be used in a nuclear explosive activity or any other activity not under IAEA safeguards; (53) and (4) "any equipment, materials or software or related technology that significantly contributes to the design, manufacture or delivery of a BCN weapon, with the intention that it will be used for such purpose.
Khan remains a hero to many of his compatriots, even though the technology that has allowed Pakistan to produce the fissionable material needed for a bomb was stolen rather than developed.
The IAEA in its Handbook on Nuclear Law explains that safeguards have three basic functions: (1) implementation of accounting measures to require a country to report all kinds and quantities of fissionable material to the IAEA; (2) enforcement of containment and surveillance measures through the use of seals on nuclear-material containers and filmed or televised recordings of key areas at nuclear facilities to detect the presence of unauthorized material; and (3) the conducting of inspections to make sure that the declared quantities of nuclear material are where they are declared to be, and that there is no undeclared nuclear material in the country.
Incapable of positively determining the extent to which fissionable material and technical expertise have spread, intelligence sources know Pakistan's leadership, at best questionable, has maintained undetermined 'des with Islamic militants.
Gore's other argument against nuclear power--the risk of nuclear weapons proliferation--acknowledges that reactor-grade fissionable material cannot be used to make bombs; it must be further enriched.
It's no accident that the Obama administration renewed Iranian sanctions on the same day Alavi was targeted, just days after the Fort Hood tragedy, and two weeks after Iran rejected a proposal to hand over up to 80% of its low-enriched uranium in return for a promise for 120 km of highly-enriched fissionable material more than a year later.
Furthermore, accounting for and controlling all the world's fissionable material is a near impossibility due to the lack of accurate knowledge of its whereabouts.
Not knowing exactly what that entailed, I agreed, and was schooled in the ritual of distributing the Eucharist by an unsmiling woman from the diocese, with all the compassion and pastoral skills of a Marine drill sergeant, who talked about the Eucharist as if it were fissionable material, which, if mishandled, would signal the utter and immediate destruction of the Catholic Church.
Who can doubt that, if the entire body of the world's scientists and engineers had adequate amounts of fissionable material with which to test and develop their ideas, this capability would rapidly be transformed into universal, efficient and economic usage?