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Synonyms for fissile

capable of undergoing nuclear fission

capable of being split or cleft or divided in the direction of the grain


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London, Feb 11 (ANI): Iran has announced that it will produce uranium enriched to contain 20 per cent of the fissile isotope uranium-235, which is to refuel a reactor in Tehran that makes medical isotopes, after talks aimed at acquiring the fuel abroad stalled.
In the case of uranium ions, one will have two different ion streams--one for the rare, fissile isotope of mass 2.
7% of the fissile isotope U235, a civil reactor requires 3.
Natural uranium contains less than 1 per cent of the fissile isotope.
235U: The only naturally occurring fissile isotope.
This process -- increasing the proportion of a fissile isotope by spinning it at supersonic speeds in centrifuges -- has civilian uses but at high purities can go in a nuclear weapon.
In 20 percent fuel, the ratio of ordinary uranium-238 to its fissile isotope uranium-235 has already been processed from the 993:7 figure seen in natural uranium to 28:7, just short of the 1:7 needed for weapons-grade uranium.
The last IAEA report in August said that Iran had doubled the number of centrifuges -- which spin uranium gas at supersonic speeds to increase the proportion of a fissile isotope -- to around 2,000.
First, during the talks in Baghdad, the P5 1 might seek an early confidence-building agreement by which Iran voluntarily ceases enriching to 20 percent content in the U-235 fissile isotope and blends down or ships out their stockpile of such uranium, which is closer to weapons grade.