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a series of ascending pools providing a passage for salmon to swim upstream past a dam

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1) Fishway prescriptions must be made in compliance with the
FERC finally argued that the Secretary of the Interior's recommendation did not meet FERC's definition of a fishway under section 811, and thus FERC could legitimately deny the condition.
The question of fish migration past Healdsburg Dam was formally addressed when United Anglers filed a petition in 1988 with the California Fish and Game Commission, claiming fish passage was blocked by the dam and asking the commission to order the construction of a fishway.
Consequently, according to FERC, PacifiCorp does not have to comply with the environmental protections of the FPA, such as Interior's fishway prescription.
9) The Federal Bureau of Reclamation and the Corps are responsible for maintaining the fishways within certain standards.
Contract award: yonne river and the nivernais canal - mission mastery of work on the restoration of the dam vaux and creation of a fishway.
Contract notice: Construction of a fishway vauban basin by the eastern extension of the line d of strasbourg tramway.
Supply of Rock Island fishway middle ladder butterfly valve, Chelan County; apparent low bidder was HD Fowler.
Take exit 27 from I-91 South or North (Route 2 East); take a right at the second light and go over the bridge; Turn left after the bridge onto First Street; The fishway is on the left.
In designing different species of fishways, some points should be observed until the fishway function properly and the fish can overcome the height difference of the river at the dam site and pass it [1].
Robust redhorse have also been found moving through a fish ladder at Columbia Dam in Broad River--62 robust redhorse were seen passing through the Columbia Fishway in 2013.
The Conservancy's second claim alleged violations of Washington fishway law, rather than the water code.
New initiatives for 2013 include expanding the program into new regions and rehabilitating the fishway in the Morningside Tributary on Toronto Zoo property.