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Synonyms for fishing


Synonyms for fishing

the act of someone who fishes as a diversion

the occupation of catching fish for a living

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So that Sawiya is more often known in this area in terms of her role in the constitution of ato ela gi--women's 'way of life' or 'way of doing', and is represented as the primary female Gogodala ancestor whose actions and behaviour set the basis of women's work and way of life (particularly in the village context) as suggested in the following comment by Bagaliyato and Sawiyato in 2000: 'everything that a woman does now was taught by Sawiya: like making nets, like making fishtraps, making sago--Sawiya taught us'.
Deena Groom from The Royal Commission looks into the dramatic changes to the sea level of the fishtrap, offering an astonishing glimpse into the impact of climate change on our coast.
It seems like we're all dealing with some new costs for something, even though we don't live in a town called Fishtrap.
He had left the University of Oregon at Eugene following an injury that sidelined him from basketball, coming north to help his grandfather and uncles with their Etolin Island fishtrap.
In Princeton-by-the-Sea, 2 miles south of Moss Beach, munch on fish and chips from Barbara's Fishtrap (281 Capistrano Rd.
At the National Museum, they can see a big picture of all the country at Djunawunya and they can learn the story of An-gujechiya, the Fishtrap 'dreaming'.
The wire fishtrap fishery of Dade and Broward Counties, Florida, December 1979 September 1980.
Aurora is also aggressively exploring its 100%-owned Lansdowne and Fishtrap Lake Properties in northwestern Ontario, and the Midrim/Belleterre/Angliers Project in Quebec.
She threw some things out of the canoe and the bigger thing was saeiya [large fishtrap used by women].
The Arrawarra site cluster is a creek estuary and headland (adjacent to Arrawarra township about three kilometres south of Corindi Beach) with several different kinds of sites, including a midden, rainmaking site and fishtrap.
Saturday: Smokehouse Prime Rib Music by Mingo Fishtrap, 9 p.
But Austin-based Mingo Fishtrap is more Stevie Wonder than Willie Nelson.