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Synonyms for aquarium

a tank or pool or bowl filled with water for keeping live fish and underwater animals

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According to a news release, the LA Weekly calls Fishtank Ensemble "cross pollinated Gypsy music" and "one of the most thrilling young acts on the planet.
The Ocean Stage will feature several internationally driven music artists and dance ensembles: the Ballet Folklorico Nueva Antequera, the DAFRA West African Dance and Drum Ensemble and the Fishtank Ensemble, a band inspired by Romanian folk music.
1 A fishtank with glass top [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] 2 Gravel [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] 3 Small bits of charcoal (not the kind pre-soaked with lighter fluid
3), worthy of a cinema, with a porthole window half-way up that looked into a giant fishtank dominating the bathroom behind.
But whatever the context, Top Spot is unlikely to have anything like the aggressive incongruity that made Richard Billingham's far more abrasive Fishtank so memorably disruptive when televised in 1998.
Questions persist throughout, with dark undercurrents: the destructive something that Martin cannot fathom in his Marie; the terrifying dam breaking In child Cecilie's screams (later becoming a compassionate flow healing others); Oluf's empty fishtank that, to him, represents "the magnifying-glass of truth.
Marina buys a certain Armani dress of a price so unfathomable that it is never specified, a symbol that is overused, as is that of the predatory shark in Christopher's fishtank.
I've never been so embarrassed to be driving a car, not even when I managed to blag the keys to my dad's first motor, a battered old contraption called a Wartburg which he swapped his fishtank for.
The 1987 Whitney Biennial, for example, displayed a fishtank in which two basketballs were immersed and a somewhat prophetic stainless steel replica of a plastic bunny.
SAN DIEGO -- Fishtank Brand Advertising, an award-winning content producing, and advertising concept shop, celebrated its 207th installment of HangTen, an e-publication offering industry perspective and insight in the mind-at-rest marketing space.
May 22-Jun 21 GEMINI YOUR brain is being kept alive in a fishtank and you are being fed all your experiences and memories from a computer which only has access to basic Freeview.
KYLE HATLEY, director, actor and playwright; associate artistic director, Kansas City Repertory Theatre, Missouri: We've had the inspiring pleasure of witnessing a number of young, smart, passionate theatre companies come roaring into existence here in Kansas City over the last five years, including the living Room Theatre, Spinning Tree Theatre and the Fishtank.
El primero, con mucho neon, ocurre en Bangkok, en el Fishtank donde las chicas, con un numero pegado, se exhiben tras una vidriera, los clientes eligen desde afuera; el ambiente es relajado, las trabajadoras son relativamente independientes y reciben la mayor parte de sus ganancias.
New landlord and landlady Mick and Linda Jones have been working hard on getting the pub back to its best since BACK fishtank they took over.
A PUB b o s s was reported for animal cruelty - because of "dirty" water in a fishtank.