fish finger

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a long fillet of fish breaded and fried


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Have you ever wondered what is buried under all those breadings and coatings they put on chicken, fishsticks, corndogs and meat patties?
Meanwhile, tastes are moving up the scale in Germany: fish fillets and fish dishes are gaining, while fishsticks and breaded portions are declining.
7 million) and TABULAR DATA OMITTED fishsticks and surimi ($322.
As the years rolled by and the industry approached the 1940's and 1950's, the commercial origin of many frozen prepared foods such as meat pies, baked goods, frozen dinners, breaded shrimp, fishsticks, potatoes and orange juice concentrate began to reach the marketplace.
The category that includes surimi and miscellaneous manufactured items such as fishsticks declined through the first three quarters of 1990, compared with the same period in 1989.
31 @ 9:30 pm PT) FREDDY & THE FISHSTICKS A rare club show from Jimmy Buffett's "other" band
Jimmy took the stage as his alter ego, Freddy and the Fishsticks, the moniker Buffett uses for his special under-the-radar performances and recordings.