fish finger

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a long fillet of fish breaded and fried


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Balaban is piquant comic relief with his own culinary suggestion to win over Zoe: fishsticks.
And where else would you find Robert Burns' Selkirk Grace next to a list of 'Homer Simpson's 'Mmmms', which include organised crime, unprocessed fishsticks and 'maca-ma-damia nuts'?
The crew at The Gridiron Grill smells something fishy, and it's not the beer-battered fishsticks that are among the specialties.
Have you ever wondered what is buried under all those breadings and coatings they put on chicken, fishsticks, corndogs and meat patties?
Meanwhile, tastes are moving up the scale in Germany: fish fillets and fish dishes are gaining, while fishsticks and breaded portions are declining.
7 million) and TABULAR DATA OMITTED fishsticks and surimi ($322.