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It's a small minority of fishermen in remote fishing villages that carry out the hunts.
It tells the story of a fishing village in Japan and how it was polluted following the arrival of a new factory in the area.
The fishing village of Anstruther in Scotland, yesterday, from where the trawler, missing since Thursday night, set out into the North Sea.
of Copenhagen, Denmark) presents an ethnographic study of the effects of the 2004 Asian tsunami on a fishing village in Tamil Nadu, India.
The Cheam Fishing Village is a very unique new business venture, reads a press release.
Duqm is on a path towards great development with its port, dry dock, airport, free trade zone, and new hotels in the works, but at its core it's still a fishing village.
This month, the film, set in a Scots fishing village, will be screened at the International Film Festival in Edinburgh, where it is a contender for the Michael Powell Award for best British feature film.
The boat is registered in the fishing village of Kilkeel in Co Down.
In this paper, a fishing village is defined as one in which the main occupation of the majority of households is fishing.
Choosing a contractor to design and build (engineering) of the object: "Reconstruction and modernization of the fishing port in urban entity" Fishing village - Chengene scaffolding "in the land of the square.
The fishing village of Khudi, 48 km west of Karachi, bore the brunt of the waves and its entire population was swept away.
Known by locals as the town that never sleeps, the small fishing village of Gouyave (pronounced:GWAV) on Grenada's northwest coast has introduced a brand new event celebrating its deep sea fishing roots.
The book follows a young girl's rise from a poor Japanese fishing village to high society.
The author lives "with his wife in a small fishing village on the coast of Maine.
There's nothing quite like seeing Cher roller-skate through a New England fishing village.