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Synonyms for vest

vest in something or someone


vest with something


  • endow with
  • furnish with
  • entrust with
  • empower with
  • authorize with

Synonyms for vest

a man's sleeveless garment worn underneath a coat

a collarless men's undergarment for the upper part of the body

place (authority, property, or rights) in the control of a person or group of persons

Related Words

become legally vested

clothe oneself in ecclesiastical garments

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He wouldn't even let me smear some salmon-egg clusters on his fishing vest or leak some dry-fly dressing on his shirt.
A fishing vest or fanny pack (wear it turned forward for easy access) is a good alternative.
This" is a 2,000-square-foot office and warehouse off River Road crammed with stocks of 90 different patterns for people wanting to make their own skiwear, bicycle clothing, fishing vests and sleeping bags, along with the fleece, fabric and other products needed for the job.
Like tiny badges of honor, the metal clips stamped with ``CAL-DFG'' are displayed proudly on stained fishing vests and the worn lapels of lucky flannel shirts.
fishing vests, Blaze Orange, snowmobile suits, seed hats and
The products currently available range from skateboards and hockey sticks to fishing vests and cycling shorts.
If you are working or fishing, buy some of the very functional work or fishing vests produced by Stearns, Mustang, or other safety-conscious manufacturers.
This can be a regular PFD or one of the inflatable fishing vests, suspenders,or packs sold by Orvis, Stearns, among others.
The Budweiser site has a chat room and posters of bikini-clad women, which might appeal to adolescents, but it also sells fishing vests and offers an online magazine, The Great Outdoors, with articles on conservation and hunting and shooting safety - not exactly kids' stuff.