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a fisherman who use a trawl net

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a fishing boat that uses a trawl net or dragnet to catch fish

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Delft Island (Sri Lanka) [India], Dec 2 ( ANI ): The Sri Lankan Navy apprehended 20 Indian fishermen from Tamil Nadu, along with two fishing trawlers for poaching in Sri Lankan territorial waters, north and west of the Delft Island last night.
A recently concluded investigation into the 2015 deaths of two Irish fishing trawler crewmembers, including a Filipino, stated that toxic gas from a mixture of stagnant water and seawater in the boat's refrigeration system killed the two.
Whereas the 35 metre Danish design resembles the fishing trawler more, the 40-metre Dutch design offers more free deck space.
Celiktrans Shipyard, an expert shipyard that builds specialised vessels for local and foreign hip owners, recently metal sprayed a 3,588 tonne Norwegian fishing trawler.
The ICG arrested seven Pakistani fishermen and seized the Pakistani fishing trawler Friday morning after it crossed the IMBL off Jakhau coast near Jamnagar, official sources told PTI.
2m n promissory note, which matures on 19 June 2015 and bears an interest rate of 4%, and also the transfer of certain fishing trawlers to the company.
The landmark agreement signed April 10 allows Taiwanese fishing trawlers to operate in part of Japan's exclusive economic zone near the disputed islands.
Three fishing trawlers were caught up in attack by pirates at sea on March 25.
The fishermen were aboard two fishing trawlers when they were spotted off the eastern coast of Batticaloa Sunday night, he said, adding that two Sri Lankans were also arrested.
NCMS said the sea will be rough and unsafe for small boats and fishing trawlers.
Head of the Department of Environmental Studies at King Abdulaziz University (KAU) Abdul Latif Niamatullah told Arab News about the encroachment of foreign fishing trawlers to Saudi waters to hunt down marine creatures such as sea cucumber.
The extraordinary interest throughout Australia in boats built of timber - gaff-rigged yachts, dinghies, skiffs, even the venerable America's Cup challenger Gretel II, along with fishing trawlers, cray boats and 'couta boats, steam putt-putts, luxurious motor cruisers, the Tasmanian Police boat Vigilant (itself 40 years old) -was underlined at the biennial Australian Wooden Boat Festival in Hobart's historic Constitution Dock and around the waterfront of Sullivans Cove in late February this year.
They are like Japanese fishing trawlers, just sweeping up everything in their nets.
Escalating fuel prices have virtually crippled the sector, with nearly 90% of the fishing trawlers kept in dock for over a month now.
Fishing trawlers joined surf rescue and police to search for the skipper Picton, a longtime fisherman off Australia's east coast.