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Synonyms for trawler

a fisherman who use a trawl net

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a fishing boat that uses a trawl net or dragnet to catch fish

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Rashid said three people were discovered alive following the gunfight-two gunmen and the skipper of the fishing trawler.
Porbandar Boat Association secretary Manish Lodhari said the arrested fishermen were from across the state while the fishing trawlers were from Porbandar and Mangrol.
2m n promissory note, which matures on 19 June 2015 and bears an interest rate of 4%, and also the transfer of certain fishing trawlers to the company.
At 4:30 am on Thursday, approximately 17 nautical miles west of Goan coast, a fishing trawler was suddenly hit by a 'huge ship'.
Among them was the ageing fishing trawler Olive May, but her future is bright as a well-known maxi yacht skipper has bought her as 'his next project' of restoration down the Huon at Kermandie, where he owns an expanding marina and a pub.
Japan has released the 14 crew members of a Chinese fishing trawler which collided with two Japanese coastguard vessels in disputed waters in East China Sea last week.
To add to this, r aw sewage has been pumped into the lake on the Garden Festival Site, giving off a smell that is reminiscent of a fishing trawler from Grimsby.
The explosion comes just a couple of days after five people were killed and nine injured on Sydney Harbour when an overcrowded stolen boat and a fishing trawler collided.
John Fitzpatrick received a tip that the captain of a commercial fishing trawler was fishing for striped bass without a commercial license and was committing numerous violations of the Environmental Conservation Law.
The EUR1m salvage operation which swings into action today will also raise the Pere Charles fishing trawler.
THE crew of a fishing trawler lost at sea were named by police last night.
This tense SF/fantasy tale features nonstop action as Jack runs off to the coast of North Carolina, ends up in a small boat in a hurricane, is rescued by a fishing trawler that destroys ocean reefs, and bravely battles his superhuman enemies.
They then split into two groups with one taking a grand tour of the bridge while the other enjoyed a trip on a fishing trawler.
Bualoi Posit and Wichai Somkhaoyai have confessed to swimming ashore naked from their fishing trawler, beating Katherine with a wooden pole and raping her before dumping her body in the sea.
In 2001 an industrial fishing trawler went down in the Arctic and sank so quickly there was no time for the crew to even call for help.