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a long fillet of fish breaded and fried


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The poker-faced editor scrutinised the ad and growled: "Colouring the fishfingers pink doesn't work.
That said, sometimes Big Larry from Pontefract worrying if he's going to be able to re-tax his 18-wheeler in time to shift several tonnes of frozen fishfingers to Southend is all the drama one really needs.
For most, especially families, the freezer has always been a reliable source of staples such as fishfingers, frozen vegetables, oven chips and ice cream.
Fishfingers, crisp-filled sandwiches and peanut butter eaten straight out of the jar are also declared favourites when Brits feel like raiding the refrigerator.
When I'm there, I also buy other stuff to go with my fishfingers fluid?
On Mackeson day, I was given a couple of glasses of Mackeson with my fishfingers and peas at lunch to help me cheer on the likes of Bawnogues and Bright Highway.
What a bargain - it's cheaper than giving the kids fishfingers for their tea.
Not bad for stuffing a few fishfingers down some rich kid's gullet then plonking them in front of a Teletubbies video while you run up the gaffer's phone bill.
I'll cook a big shepherd's pie rather than fishfingers and chips," she says.
The box its packed with Jellyfish firm hold styling gel, Fishfingers moulding wax and Sportfish hair and bodywash.
Brad's elder brother Callan is a slightly different kettle of fishfingers.
With the help of KMI (the King of Shaves guys), Fish has launched the Unisexy range of products with names like Battered Fish, designed to put the shine back into permed and colored hair, Flat Fish, a smooth finishing cream, the wax stick Fatfish, and another, lighter gel called Fishfingers.
Go large on the Chablis with a 250ml glass and you could be glugging down 228 calories, the same as a Cornetto ice cream or two fishfingers.
Dad will traumatise the oldest into vegetarianism by eating an octopus while the youngest samples the regional cuisine of fishfingers and chips.