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Synonyms for fisherman



Synonyms for fisherman

someone whose occupation is catching fish

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FisherGirl created the Pink Fishing Rod and its line of fishing equipment, apparel and accessories so that women can enjoy fishing in comfort and with success.
The portrait, A Fishergirl, by CS Lidderdale, 1881-1895, was conserved by an expert live in the gallery over four weeks.
She is the subject of a painting called A Fishergirl, by Charles Sillem Lidderdale, which has been in the collection of the Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle since 1905, the year after it opened.
A Fishergirl ( by CS Lidderdale ( will be conserved by an expert 'live' in the gallery over four weeks.
The painting, When The Heart Is Young, shows young men at Cullercoats appreciating the charms of fishergirls of their own age as they walk past.
On November 28th, the American Paintings sale in New York, estimated at $45/68 million, will include Winslow Homer's watercolor, Fishergirls Coiling Tackle, which is one of many paintings he created in his two years at the fishing town of Cullercoats on the northeastern coast of England.
One such kind of play presents first incarnations and then ghosts of fortunate women who had shared a mutual love with an historical male character, such as in the play Matsukaze, in which the ghosts of the fishergirls Matsukaze and Murasame describe how they had loved the poet Yukihira, who had returned their love.
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