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Synonyms for fishing


Synonyms for fishing

the act of someone who fishes as a diversion

the occupation of catching fish for a living

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At its end, the project should benefit some 400 fisherfolk from selected coastal communities.
Mustafa Gurgaiz, a water expert and the President of Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum, told Media at Keti Bander that the city of Keti Bander has been eaten up by the sea twice before, and on both occasions people shifted to the coastline and inhabited a new Keti Bander, and it is the third time that the city has been submerged in the sea.
CISF and the Marine police personnel stood guard to check further advance by the protesting fisherfolk.
The fisherfolk of Gershwin's Catfish Row drown at sea - not possible in Soweto, and also Porgy must leave for New York as the piece closes, something impossible in 70s Soweto for a black man.
The site boasts a strong network of Floridian fisherfolk to keep you in the statewide angling loop.
What makes Still Fishin' so distinctive is Haig-Brown's use of extensive interviews to capture the voices of experienced Pacific fisherfolk.
Thao Vu of the Mississippi Coalition for Vietnamese American Fisherfolk and Families in Biloxi, Mississippi, who provides support for ethnic minority groups
WARNING Simon Roughneen HOMELESS Some people are living rough without shelter HELP GOAL partner The Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum delivers aid
Most of these people were fisherfolk, who gradually moved on to this business.
A majority of the fisherfolk of the country, meanwhile, live in Sindh, and depend on freshwater bodies such as canals and lakes, or marine bodies such as fishing ponds or the sea (along the coastal belt).
If we continuously nourished a patch of water about 20 kilometers in diameter, we could support poor artisan fisherfolk .
Ecology, technology and economy; continuity and change among the fisherfolk of Kerala.
While the major rebuilding phase may have ended, Caritas will continue to run its programs of income generation and assistance to fisherfolk and farmers, Fernando said.
These meetings must ensure full, active participation of representatives of peasant and small-scale farmers, pastoralists and fisherfolk Building from the meta-evaluation and regional conferences, the Commission by the end of 2009 must submit its report including a new architecture for the UN's food and agricultural work.
113 delegates from 22 countries representing peasants, agricultural workers, women, indigenous peoples and fisherfolk organisations, as well as health, environmental and consumer groups met in the Conference on Confronting the Food Crisis and Climate Change from 27-29 September 2009 in Penang, Malaysia.
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