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well-seasoned balls of ground fish and eggs and crushed crumbs simmered in fish stock


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a fried ball or patty of flaked fish and mashed potatoes

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Aside from fishballs, she offered her customers laundry services and housekeeping.
They explored Yilan and the Northeast Coast, making local specialties like tofu and fishballs, experiencing Taiwan at an in-depth, local level.
Every single food you could think of was there, from steamed lobsters to fried squid on sticks, fishballs smothered in sweet and spicy sauce, and savory cheese cakes.
While automation was the obvious answer, the nature of the product meant that efficient weighing remained a challenge--the fishballs are cooked and, therefore, tend to stick to each other and to the weigher contact parts.
Dronning Seafood is one of the country's biggest canners, producing a host of its own brand and branded label products that include salmon, fishballs, cod roe, cod liver, tuna, kippers and mackerel.
Small, consumer-size meat and poultry packs are now being manufactured, along with different kinds of Chinese pastries such as steamed buns, spring rolls, dumplings, meatballs and fishballs.
Years ago, BFAR started a program which gave Laguna fisherfolk incentives in exchange for wild-caught Clown Knifefish while training housewives to process the invasive fish into fishballs, nuggets and other products - all done to control the proliferation of Clown Knifefish and avert the displacement of native and farmed fish.
Nino idols, Cebu longganisa on grills that wafted yum, candle offerings and stacks of corns and fishballs.
Budget: starts P135 (per plated order); P35 or P50 (per stick, depending on the kind of grilled street food) No longer do we have to hit the streets when we get a hankering for fishballs, chicken isaw and tukneneng, because Ex/O has these and more.
To this end, Ascott has begun offering tours of the area where the guests ride bamboo bikes, and has come up with a street food buffet prepared by Fores with a lugaw bar, along with balut, fishballs, pancit and skewered food.
Inanc, who graduated with a double degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics from Purdue University and started his career in mergers and acquisitions at an investment bank in London, said, 'I didn't even know what fishballs were, I had to check Google and look at the pictures.
She indulges in modest pleasures at home, too: Members of her household staff would often whip up arroz caldo and fishballs for her.
There are still a couple of things I can't resist though- like my Lola Lyd's lumpiang shanghai and anyone's fishballs.
Ice cream, fishballs, even toys and cell phone holders and load-they're all peddled here now.
Team Manila launched the collection last Thursday at the Suez and Zapote Gallery in Makati with picapica often paired with beer like isaw and fishballs and overflowing San Miguel Pale Pilsen.