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Synonyms for fisheye

of or relating to a fisheye lens


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The general public can walk over the photo to admire the fish-eye photos.
And its 25-year-old creator, who is billing the device as the world's first-ever digital fish-eye lens, added he only came up with the invention because he could not afford to buy new equipment for his current camera.
Their underwater camera gives you a fish-eye view of the Fish Forest, taking in tropical displays including piranhas and seahorses.
But Flickr regular Charlie Charlton's fish-eye lens series has the power to startle.
Previsite's Virtual Tour Solution includes a digital camera kit, patented magnetic fish-eye lens, and Web-based software to create, manage and showcase countless virtual tours.
The advanced lens design reduces the fish-eye distortion typical of extreme wide-angle lenses.
HSBC and the police installed the fish-eye mirror so users could see anyone lurking behind them after a rise in cashpoint fraud.
Plenty of time for another bit of cake, they thought as they talked to each other endlessly about fish-eye lenses and high-speed motor drives.
Features include a custom fish-eye lens creating small bright stars that remain spherical right down to the horizon.
The disorientation is heightened by druggily saturated, overheated color and fish-eye anamorphoses that bring close closer and push distance farther away.
A In the formulation process, both microfoam entrained in the system and macrofoam appearing on the surface can create craters, pinholes or fish-eye defects in the finished product.
Nearby, get a fish-eye view of life beneath the waves at the Mystic Aquarium, home to African penguins, sea lions, beluga whales, sting rays, sea horses and many other species.
An image from the 1890s was an experiment with a fish-eye lens, showing Princess Victoria and Princess Maud of Wales on a yacht.
Eliminating Fish-Eye Defects in Ductile Iron Castings (02-04 Ronald Aufderheide and Ralph Showman, Ashland Specialty Chemical Co.