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Synonyms for fishing


Synonyms for fishing

the act of someone who fishes as a diversion

the occupation of catching fish for a living

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They are a sea people for whom the foreshore and sea is their front garden (not backyard); who swim when they can walk; whose ancestors built several kilometres of stone fish traps along the sea front which are bequeathed from father to son; who build unique little crayfish houses out of coral outside their home reef; who honour a child's first fish catch with a personal feast; whose totems are sea creatures, sea flora or sea birds; where sea analogues form the texture of their thought; and who travelled northwest to the island of Saibai in double outrigger canoes for ceremonial exchange and trade along the path made known by the culture heroes, Malo and Bomai, who travelled to Mer in the shapes of many sea creatures, finally appearing in the form of an octopus.
The MoU stipulates for provision of consultancy services and technical support for the programme, as well as developing a strategy for fish traps sector.
Red snapper were collected with hook and line and a fish trap and visually counted during scuba-diver surveys.
A second proposal, House Bill 2579, would allow commercial fishermen to use seines and fish traps on the lower Columbia.
It is supposed to protect people not take lands and destroy fish traps.
Catches of lost fish traps (ghost fishing) from fishing grounds near Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.
The site hosts a fish counter, an underwater video system and two fish traps, one for smolts and one for adults.
In view of this, Dr John Stewart and Dr Douglas Ferrell of NSW Fisheries have tested the selectivity of various meshes as escape panels at the back of fish traps.
Poaching and illegal fishing were increasing and the more efficient harvest by fish traps, largely in the hands of companies, had intensified the gear and resident and nonresident conflicts.
Together with fish traps the quotas for purse seiners account for 83% of the overall 2013 EU quota of 7 548,1 tonnes.
The investigation of the 150m section of prehistoric palaeochannel by the Cambridge Archaeological Unit has also recovered associated riverine activity including fish traps and weirs.
In subsequent years, red grouper stocks suffered from fish traps and longlines, apparent flaws in stock assessment data, misappropriation of quotas, and numerous red tide events.
Discarded nets and fish traps, or cages, were found during a clean-up drive initiated yesterday by Dibba Municipality and the Ministry of Environment and Water, and undertaken by divers from the Emirates Diving Association (EDA), Al Boom Diving and Freestyle Divers.
They said fishermen were directly affected because the reclamation was destroying their fish traps.
The name "Wallowa" comes from the Nez Perce word for its fish traps, which the tribe used to catch migrating salmon.