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fried fish and french-fried potatoes

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GET YOUR FRIENDS ROUND FOR A FISH SUPPER Simply don your apron, dig out your dinner service and call up your family and friends.
THE price of a fish supper is set to soar as our favourites - cod and haddock - flee the warming North Sea.
Do Valle reportedly uses an Amazonian fish named tambaqui, instead of cold or haddock to make his fish suppers taste a little different from the ones sold in England.
The Chippy is part of the Hamilton Palace nightclub complex, so a new generation can at least enjoy a fish supper before they go upstairs to face a custard pie.
Brenna also admitted to charging extra money from the singer due to working after hours for her and charged 7 pounds for a fish supper instead of the usual 5.
George collected fish suppers for 18 people at the council-run Lakenfields sheltered housing complex in Norwich, where he also lives.
CRIME gangs cashing in on Britain's love of fish suppers will soon be scuppered.
The change came suddenly at the beginning of the Neolithic period and for the preceding 3,800 years, during the Mesolithic period, Britons thrived on fish suppers.
A RAIL company in North Wales has launched a special delivery service for passengers - fish suppers.
FISH suppers are shrinking because of global warming, scientists claimed yesterday.
KEEP-fit fanatic Kirk Broadfoot has been ordered to cut out his gym sessions and start guzzling curries and fish suppers - because boss Walter Smith feared he was getting too thin.
THIRTY grand would buy you a fair few fish suppers, which makes it all the more amazing that Peter and Iris Robinson are so slim.
JOE SHAUGHNESSY had to stump up for fish suppers for the entire Aberdeen squad as punishment for his red card at Motherwell.
TV chef Nick Nairn thinks they could be the future of our fish suppers.
Today's useless fact: 276 million fish suppers are sold every year, from 10,500 chippies.