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a long fillet of fish breaded and fried


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Prepare fish sticks according to package instructions.
95 Drinks - Apple, orange, pineapple or cranberry Mains - Battered fish sticks, hamburger, tomato penne pasta, battered chicken strips or sausage Sides - French fries, mixed vegetables, baked beans, mashed potato or mixed salad Dessert - Ice cream sundae Gusto |EATING the food doesn't always have to be the fun part.
Iglo has been marketing the immensely popular fish sticks since 1959, and a recent survey by AC Nielsen has confirmed that they are number one in Germany.
Paul's[R] Crunchy Fish Sticks--unlike the other leading brands--are made from only delicious, 100% whole white fish fillets for the best tasting, crunchy fish stick every time.
The other kids had fish sticks and electric eel Io mein.
His family has asked me to contact you as he is unable to either talk or write, having gone into seizure when one of the hospital staff offered him fish sticks for lunch.
E102, tartrazine, a yellow dye used in ice-cream and fish sticks.
Because of Christ's victory, the great monster death is now nothing more than fish sticks on your plate
But any fish is okay except commercially fried fish filets and fish sticks.
Another product Trident Seafood began marketing was their new twist on an old favorite: fish sticks.
Snakstix, which are similar in principle to fish sticks, are manufactured using a patented technology called Myofibre from French company Protial.
She'll make my favorite meal--mashed potatoes, fish sticks, fried chicken, cinnamon toast, and collard greens," he says.
About 14 days later, Roxy tossed some frozen fish sticks on a tray, popped 'em in the oven, cranked it up to 350, and bustled about doing other kitchen chores.
Except Mick, he likes fish sticks and creamed corn and that shit don't float in the windy city.
In fact, the researchers found a twofold increased risk of asthma in the offspring of women who had consumed fish sticks during pregnancy, compared with women who never ate fish sticks.