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Synonyms for reproduction

Synonyms for reproduction

Synonyms for reproduction

recall that is hypothesized to work by storing the original stimulus input and reproducing it during recall

copy that is not the original

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the act of making copies

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The invention, which enables controlling fish reproduction, will increase successful spawning, improve egg quality and prevent early sexual maturation that leads to smaller cultured fish.
Because of the deleterious effects on fish reproduction caused by the water temperature anomalies of cooling water discharges, or as may be expected in the future by sudden drastic climatic changes.
Is a timely title assembling the combined knowledge of some of the leading authorities in the field of small fish reproduction - an important topic for risk assessment and registration of chemical, agricultural, and pharmaceutical compounds
The team wondered whether the almost suffocating conditions might also stunt fish reproduction.
Environmental antiandrogens: potential effects on fish reproduction and development.
He can discuss the physiology, endocrinology and molecular endocrinology of fish reproduction.
Higher tier endocrine-disruptor testing should include fish development and fish reproduction tests, whereas a full life-cycle test could be subsequently used to refine aquatic risk assessments when necessary.
Clifton and his coworkers at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute went snorkeling each morning to monitor fish reproduction on the reef.
However, concerns that the selenium might adversely affect fish reproduction leave the treatment's merits still in question, says Ralph Turner, a geochemist at Oak ridge (Tenn.