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a series of ascending pools providing a passage for salmon to swim upstream past a dam

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Efforts to build a fish pass at the only remaining large weir on the Derwent, further upstream at Shotley Grove, have now started.
Work has started on the fish pass at a 300-year-old weir at Lintzford, which blocked the upstream passage of fish like salmon, sea trout, lamprey, grayling and eels.
The fish pass is a perfect example of this commitment and I would like to thank Natural Resources Wales for their input.
We constructed a fish pass on the lower River Leven in 2007 that would allow fish from the River Tees to return to spawning grounds on the upper Leven, which had previously been cut off for over a century.
Once completed, the new fish pass will open up over 38km of river to migrating fish such as salmon, sea trout and eels.
There's a new fish pass at Blackweir, right in the middle of Cardiff.
The fish pass has priority from October to May when fish migrate.
lets Voith researchers watch the virtual fish pass through a hydraulic turbine and pinpoint what forces generated by the turbine could harm the fish.
These tiny snakelike fish pass through estuaries during the winter and then head up rivers the following spring, becoming yellowish as they grow.
Contract notice: aubusson auvergne dam - modernization work on the spillway, the fish pass and the creation of a hydroelectric plant
TENS of thousands of salmon have been helped by a new fish pass as they make their way up the River Tyne in a once-ina-lifetime journey to spawn.
The fish pass also had a facelift from the tangled debris.
We have had positive information on monitoring work done in 2013 in relation to the new turbine fish pass and fish passage over the main gates, (using hydro-acoustics).
OFFICERS from Natural Resources Wales are investigating possible salmon fishing offences on a fish pass on the River Elwy at Llanfair TH, near Abergele.
The new fish pass at Caergwrle Weir was opened on October 26 by Environment Agency Wales.