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a series of ascending pools providing a passage for salmon to swim upstream past a dam

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Although the fish pass will make it easier for fish to navigate the bridge footings at lower river flows, people will still be able to see fish jumping at Hexham.
We constructed a fish pass on the lower River Leven in 2007 that would allow fish from the River Tees to return to spawning grounds on the upper Leven, which had previously been cut off for over a century.
Once completed, the new fish pass will open up over 38km of river to migrating fish such as salmon, sea trout and eels.
There's a new fish pass at Blackweir, right in the middle of Cardiff.
We have a duty to ensure that the fish pass is in good condition.
However, we are going to work on fish pass designs and are hopeful that funding will be available to allow this work to happen.
Organised by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) Wales Cymru the ICE Water panel, chaired by Michael Norton MBE travelled by Aquabus to the Cardiff Bay Barrage for an in-depth site visit to the locks, fish pass and control room.
We have had positive information on monitoring work done in 2013 in relation to the new turbine fish pass and fish passage over the main gates, (using hydro-acoustics).
OFFICERS from Natural Resources Wales are investigating possible salmon fishing offences on a fish pass on the River Elwy at Llanfair TH, near Abergele.
The new fish pass at Caergwrle Weir was opened on October 26 by Environment Agency Wales.
CUTLINE: This turbine was designed by Alden Research Laboratory to help fish pass through hydroelectric dams.
The environmental considerations were significant as works could only be carried out between May and September when river levels are lower; fish migration dictated that the fish pass over the weir could only be blocked during July -the River Severn is a Site of Special Scientific Interest.
Once again the Riding Mill Fish Pass area is obstructing the fish from running through into the beats up to and beyond Hexham.
A new counter could be installed in the fish pass adjacent to the turbines and hence allow the count data set to be resumed.
However, when floods caused damage to a bridge over the Tyne at Hexham, the group and council saw an opportunity to revive the hydro scheme, with the turbine - and a fish pass - to be installed while the repairs were carried out.