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a net that will enclose fish when it is pulled in

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We couldn't wait to see his legs in a pair of fish net stockings and he certainly didn't disappoint us.
I was once unable to avoid a bundle of fish net which had fallen onto the 210 Freeway.
The only clues that she is,in fact, far from shy when it comes to showing off her enviable figure are the fish net tights and pointy toed shoes.
For the first time in years, there is no fish available for sale across Ras Al Khaimah's fish markets as the high waves prevented fishing and stormy conditions tore fish nets.
Some of the animals died after getting trapped in fish nets and drowning, while others showed the scars of ships' propellers where they had been hit, the activists said.
While acquiring many nicknames, being likened to a fat banker in fish nets to the slightly more fitting city attire analogy, namely an Argyle sock, Foster and Swiss Re's environmental aspirations have been delightfully interwoven with its form (regardless of whether or not you believe the pursuit of these priorities preceded the form's rationalization).
Perforated stones retrieved by investigators may have served as sinkers for fish nets, and bone points may have allowed for spearing of fish from boats, Galili's team maintains.
At NOBU WAIKIKI, Rockwell's designers are imbuing the space with architectural rudiments reflective of Hawaii's distinct environment: running water, bamboo, fish nets, island foliage and stone surfaces, among others.