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someone who sells fish

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According to local lore, Peter Cusimano, a former fish monger, lobbed the first octopus - a four-pounder - in the playoffs in 1952.
Get yourself down to the market or your local fish monger (if you're lucky enough to have such a thing round your way) buy some squid or what ever and wash it down with some Albarino.
But our local fish monger reckons he can beat the lot.
Julie March, 55, fish monger, Winlaton: I sleep because I'm exhausted.
Metric Martyrs campaign director and former fish monger Neil Herron said it was a monumental victory down to people power.
Prosecuting solicitor, Paul Kelly, told the court that Milburn's actions were "more akin to a fish monger than someone fishing for pleasure".
Julie March, 55, fish monger, Win-laton: Oz, because he's a Geordie and he's mad.
As per media reports poultry vendors and fish mongers need to have a tiled surface, clean knives and boiling water, in order to maintain hygienic conditions of sale.
The third stage involved the questioning of 10 processed fish mongers from each community selected using structured questionnaire which makes the total sum of 150 respondents used as the sample size.
When each otter was done with its fish, which took the better part of half an hour, they looked like overworked fish mongers covered in a slurry of scales and sucker slime.
With the European Seafood Exposition (ESE) just around the corner, the world's leading fish mongers and marketers will soon beat a path to Brussels.
jubelini were purchased from fish mongers at the landing centre of trawlers fishing off the Lagos coast, at the jetty in Ijora Olopa, Lagos, Nigeria.
They also provide fish mongers with a large back-of-room poster with Louisiana seafood species information.