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a series of ascending pools providing a passage for salmon to swim upstream past a dam

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Fish & Wildlife Service and the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission have commended PP&L for its shad restoration efforts and for the successful first year of fish lift operation.
A state-of-the-art fish lift came online at the Lockwood Dam in May 2006.
Exelon Generation announced today that its Conowingo Hydroelectric Station passed the one- millionth American shad through its East Fish Lift since efforts began to save the endangered fish species back in 1972.
As of April 22, only 10 American shad had passed over the Hadley Falls Fish Lift on the Connecticut River.
A trickling 301 shad passed over the Hadley Falls Fish Lift this week.
In September 1996, Safe Harbor completed construction of its $17 million fish lift, becoming the third of the river's four hydroelectric plants to install a fish-passage facility.
Only 1,113 shad passed over the Hadley Fish Lift last week.
As of last week, the Holyoke Fish Lift had brought an epic-year 488,675 shad, 39 blueback herring, 14,088 sea lamprey and a paltry 28 Atlantic salmon over the dam to spawn.
PECO Energy offers weekend fish lift tours for visitors, hourly between 10 a.
Contestants must bring fish to the official weighing station located by the Holyoke fish lift near the Route 116 bridge.
PECO Energy built its first fish lift at Conowingo, the first such passageway on the Susquehanna, in 1972.
As of Tuesday, the Connecticut River fish lift count, nearing the end of the season's efforts, totaled only 165,191 shad, 43,367 sea lamprey, 346 gizzard shad, 307 American eel, 278 striped bass, 92 blueback herring, and 43 Atlantic salmon, numbers far from our goal.
The public should be able to see American shad as part of the fish lift tours offered the weekend of May 31 and June 1.
The fish lift is scheduled to operate through June 13.