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a series of ascending pools providing a passage for salmon to swim upstream past a dam

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The dams create bottlenecks around the fish ladders, perfect spots for sea lions to gather for a feast.
Those two rivers were chosen because of constructing dams ceasing migration routes for migrating salmonids, however, later constructed fish ladders in both rivers benefited for the partial reoccupation of upstream spawning grounds.
An economic assessment by the NGO Ecotrust has priced dam removal at around $100 million--half the cost of retrofitting the dams with fish ladders.
At this site, the 511th cleaned gate seals, installed water-level gauges for the fish ladders, and removed debris from the upriver trash racks (a cagelike attachment that collects large debris).
Today, over 1,500 linear feet of stream channel and its floodplain has been reconstructed, a 36-foot span bridge has been installed, two fish ladders have been removed, and over two acres of estuary have been re-established to the benefit of Pacific Northwest salmon and resident Puget Sound species.
The next phase will be the installation of fish ladders at a weir further downstream to make the passage up the beck a little less arduous for the fish.
Despite special fish ladders and other bypass devices, dams alter the habitat, impede fish migrations, kill many young, seaward-migrating fish in hydroelectric turbines, and expose species to predation that they wouldn't typically encounter in a free-flowing river.
And if we want to preserve stocks of this valuable commodity then building fish ladders would help the eels.
Habitat assessments will consider the increase of eel populations by installing fish ladders on dam walls blocking traditional upstream migration paths.
Mostly, fish ladders have proved successful in allowing adult salmon to migrate past dams, but don't provide a downstream path for migrating juveniles.
City officials proposed logging the rest and using the revenue to cover the cost of removing 620 miles of road, building fish ladders, and other environmental protections.
Fish ladders provide one tool for biologists trying to help the steelhead around dams, culverts and other man-made projects that block the trout's migration from creeks to the sea and back again for spawning.
Fish ladders have been constructed on some of the dams to help them over these impasses, but many juvenile fish die in them.
Savage Rapids' poorly designed fish ladders block salmon returning from the ocean meaning the fish can stray into irrigation canals and turbines.
Two years ago, a draft environmental study concluded that the dam could stay if its owner, Edwards Manufacturing Company, added expensive fish ladders.