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a long fillet of fish breaded and fried


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The fish fingers were always from Birds Eye, promoted by TV adverts featuring Captain Birdseye, a jolly seaman with a full white beard who wore a naval uniform with a chunkyknit white polo-neck.
He carefully scraped the breadcrumbs off the thawed fish fingers before frying the salmon steak, initially skin side down, in a dry pan of coriander seeds he had just toasted.
SITTING down at the captain's table has become a lot more appealing to some who might not have eaten a fish finger in a decade or three.
But they said the fish fingers Ismaeel had for lunch in the school canteen were not to blame because it was an hour and 15 minutes after eating them that he fell ill.
com AFTER the giant chicken nugget comes the colossal fish finger butty
Gabrielle's winning recipe of fish fingers with mayo, smoked paprika, capers, lime juice, wasabi and rocket in a farmhouse bap, won over the judges with its use of punchy flavours, unusual combination of ingredients and perfectly-cooked fish fingers.
7 Lay hot fish fingers on rolls and top with a dollop of mayonnaise.
Birds Eye Fish Fingers with Omega 3 (12 pack), Asda.
FROZEN food favourite Captain Birdseye is being demoted after 47 years as the public face of fish fingers in a PS16m shakeup of the brand.
Mince is expensive," she says, "so we just whacked some fish fingers in there.
With Brits consuming 185 million Birds Eye cod and haddock fish fingers a year, the move meant 62 million British mealtimes would now be made with sustainably sourced seafood, it added.
TV chef Jamie Oliver, concerned that British people are not eating anywhere near enough fish, has teamed up with Grimsby, UK-based Young's Seafood Ltd to launch a new range of fish products, including fish fingers, fish cakes and fillets.
London, Sept 1 (ANI): Jamie Oliver has launched his own brand of "ethical" fish fingers.
With 114 packs of fish fingers being sold every minute in shops across the U K Findus is bringing its famous fish fingers back to an eager public.
Everyone else explaining they're "on the train", or in supermarkets calling loved ones to ask if they want fish fingers, will just have to readjust to ringing on landlines before and after their journeys.