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rearing aquatic animals or cultivating aquatic plants for food

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Speaking on the occasion, Mr Afaq said fish farming in the district was being promoted so that more and more people got connected with the business thus, boosting tourism and creating job opportunities for local people.
Key words: Fish farming, Food security, Livelihoods, Household, Nutritional Assessment
The fish farming projects enjoy attention of many investors, particularly young people.
Mohammad Ayub said that a proposal is also under consideration for giving honorarium to the participants of courses of aquarium making and production of ornamental fish and fish farming and approval is also being sought from the competent authorities.
60 million in Mohmand Agency with an objective to provide extensive training to farmers and people interested to adopt fish farming as profession," official sources in Fata Secretariat told on Tuesday.
The second agreement was signed with Al Jazeera Investment Company to set up abalone and grouper fish farming project using the closed system in the Niyabat of Sharbathat in the Wilayat of Shaleem and Al Halaniyat Islands in the Governorate of Dhofar at a cost of RO34.
At home level concrete or plastic boxes and inland pond are good cheap source for home fish farming.
With regards to fish farming, we have a floating cages' company starting work next month, while another will start on coast work by the end of the year," he said.
27 ( ANI ): Residents in Jalpaiguri District in West Bengal have opted for fish farming as their occupation after suffering huge losses of their crops due to elephant menace in the region.
SWAT -- Director Fish Farming Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Sharifullah Khan Tuesday said male trout fish to be provided to fish hatcheries for the breeding and marketing of trout fish in Swat valley.
Fishing pressures on wild stocks such as grouper and dozens of others could be relieved by fish farming, hard as that may be for many to contemplate.
A well-knitted plan has been evolved for the promotion of inland fish farming across the country.
Summary: ABU DHABI -- An Abu Dhabi-based fish farming company is planning to conserve the fast depleting fish stock including hamour and will boost the its domestic output through integrated fish clusters.
Women should take a lead in fish farming because it will improve the women's means of livelihood and contribute to development of the society.
Head of fish farming at the livestock department, Eng.