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rearing aquatic animals or cultivating aquatic plants for food

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Nzeh and Adebayo, Z: Constraints To Fish Farming Among Women In Nigeria
Dr Saud bin Hamoud al-Habsi, Director General of the Fish Researches at the Ministry said that the marine organisms are one of the natural resources exploited by man as a source of food and an economic resource, pointing that Oman enjoys a large biodiversity and great deep-water and surface fish stock, pressing the significance of the fish farming as one of the fastest growing productive sector.
Along with fish farming, which remains our principal business, we continue to invest in a complete portfolio of aquaculture areas such as breeding, processing and trading of the finest fish strains and fisheries products at competitive prices.
Efforts are stepped up to promote fish farming to achieve the presidential objectives in this area, particularly improving the sector's contribution to 10% of the national production of sea products in 2014.
Ocean advocates would like to end fish farming and instead put resources into reviving wild fish populations.
They have started fish farming in wetlands located in the east of the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve.
Established in the summer of 2005, the independent Marine Aquaculture Task Force was charged with examining the risks and benefits of offshore fish farming and recommending national policy to guide its development.
CSAR director Dr Robin Shields and technical manager Alex Keay will be showcasing the cutting-edge technologies and research into sustainable practices in fish farming being carried out in Swansea.
fish farming industry fivefold over the next two decades.
Owing to growing regional and consumer interest, expectations have risen on the non-reliance of chemicals in fish farming, or if used at all, to minimize the amount.
Fish farming has great potential for putting seafood on American dinner tables and boosting the economy.
PROPOSALS for a new directive on veterinary legislation and disease prevention in fish farming have been promised in an exclusive interview with Fish Farming International by the European Commissioner for fisheries Dr Joe Borg; it will be presented to the European Union (EU) Council of Fisheries Ministers before the summer.
Conwy-based Sustainable Fish Farming Ltd wants to build a 60,000 sq ft farm on the site near Lavan Sands, on the Menai Strait.
According to the commissioners, a national council is needed because of the rapidly growing new uses of marine and coastal resources, including fish farming, renewable ocean power, desalination plants for drinking water, deep-sea mining, and bio-prospecting for new drugs.