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Synonyms for fisheye

of or relating to a fisheye lens


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The indoor model AirLive FE-200CU is very compact small Fish Eye IP camera that offers PoE support and has built-in speaker and microphone.
The Wine Group LLC, which produces such well known brands as Franzia, Concannon, Glen Ellen, Corbett Canyon, Foxhorn, Fish Eye, Mogen David, Casarsa and Tribuno, has formed Underdog Wine Merchants (UWM) to craft, market and sell premium wines to the large and growing Millennial consumer group of young adults, the company says.
Kerry pulled out of being showered with 60,000 cockroaches; Peter sweated profusely as he faced his nemesis, big spiders; and Jennie regally munched her way through plates of grubs and a fish eye.
He took part in some daredevil stunts at Marton Hotel and Country Club last month to raise the funds - eating a fish eye, beetles, and locusts, among other creepy crawlies
Known as Explorer, it uses fish eye cameras to record real-time video on the inside diameter of both six and eight-inch pipelines.
The 24-bit image editor can create composite pictures, clone images, change color and apply special effects like fish eye and warping.
Fish Eye has won the Impact "Hot Brand" award every year since its 2004 launch.
As I reach four score and 10, these reality shows are popping out like a fish eye on I'm a Celeb.
Not everyone can bear to watch as Craig's brother, Darren, eats a fish eye in a bush tucker trial Friends and family of Craig Smith, who is suffering from cancer, did a drag walk, above, to raise money for him, as well as going bungee jumping, top right
The device, called the iPhone Lens Dial, allows users to take photos with either of three lenses - telephoto, fish eye and wide-angle lenses.
NEARLY READY The High Level Bridge in Newcastle, set to be reopened this June, poses for the fish eye lens of reader James Thow from the city's Chapel Park.
He tested vision in the pure strains and hybrid crosses with a fish eye exam that works even for tiny fry.