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German chemist noted for his synthesis of hemin (1881-1945)


German chemist noted for work on synthetic sugars and the purines (1852-1919)

United States chess master

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Sir Leopold Fischer was leaning against the mantelpiece and heaving with all the importance of panic.
Nothing of the sort shall be suggested," said Colonel Adams, with a firm look at Fischer, which rather implied that some such thing had been suggested.
She has lately," cried out old Fischer, "opened her father's house to a cut-throat Socialist, who says openly he would steal anything from a richer man.
The Fischers assembled some of the planet's finest musicians for both releases.
Some of the legends the Fischers have worked with include: Prince, Michael Jackson, Raphael Saadiq, Branford Marsalis, Paul McCartney, Usher and Brandy.
Clare Fischer has devotees in all corners of the world.
If Leo Castelli was running the most important art gallery in New York at the time, Konrad Fischer clearly started up the most important gallery in Europe," says Marian Goodman.
If Fischer abandoned painting for the job of gallerist, one thing seems clear: He was no ordinary dealer.