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German chemist noted for his synthesis of hemin (1881-1945)


German chemist noted for work on synthetic sugars and the purines (1852-1919)

United States chess master

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Bosnitch, who is part of a group called the Committee to Free Bobby Fischer, also said the case has nothing to do with past controversial remarks made by Fischer, including one in which he praised the Sept.
It was the best turnaround Fischer had made since realizing his life wasn't over after a fall from the parallel bars while training for the U.
Fischer signed an asset purchase agreement ("RE&S Agreement") with Byers Peak on August 21, 2006.
Clare Fischer has devotees in all corners of the world.
We wanted Israeli central banker Stanley Fischer to be the next head of the International Monetary Fundpreviously helmed by the disgraced Dominique Strauss-Kahnbefore it was cool.
Fischer, 97, formerly of Holden, died peacefully on Monday, February 21, 2011 in Knollwood Nursing Center, Worcester after an illness.
Power and the Idealists: Or, the Passion of Joschka Fischer and Its Aftermath, by Paul Berman, Brooklyn: Soft Skull Press, 311 pages, $23.
the band cranked out engaging, eclectic metal from 1984 until their disbandment in 1992, after which Fischer went on to form the similarly adventurous but more electronically-influenced Apollyon Sun.
Toronto, and Georg Fischer, Schaffhausen, Switzerland, announced they have successfully commissioned a new, commercial-scale pilot aluminum foam production system at Georg Fischer's facility in Schaffhausen.
WHEN DR Gerhard Fischer heard he was receiving the 1997 Gandhi Peace Prize for his work with lepers in India, he had a warning for Indian Government officials.
Heinz-Joachim Fischer is the leading Vatican journalist and Rome correspondent for one of Germany's premiere daily newspapers.
Kathy Fischer, a director of the Organization for the Respect and Care of Animals, which helps rescue stranded marine mammals, says the lack of a local rehabilitation center means some of the sick sea lions can't be helped.
Despite the widespread reverence among younger artists for Robert Smithson's art and writing, it's rare to encounter someone who wears his mantle as snugly as Rob Fischer.
Chess legend Bobby Fischer left Thursday for Iceland after an eight-month detention in Japan over an alleged passport violation and efforts to deport him to the United States, which is seeking his arrest.
In mid-August, Japan turned down an asylum request from American-born chess champion Bobby Fischer, who faces extradition to the U.