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a budget is balanced when current expenditures are equal to receipts

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to argue that policies that will make Medicare and Social Security sustainable are good for both fiscal responsibility and retirement security.
Fiscal responsibility at national level implies that a government has a balanced budget and has sufficient revenue to pay for its all expenditures.
Candidate's statement: "We've been acting in a fiscally responsible fashion over the last few years, but we have to balance our need for fiscal responsibility against our responsibility to advocate for education.
This is the first step in an extensive process, but Governor Lynch is confident that lawmakers share his commitment to restoring fiscal responsibility to the 10-year plan," spokesman Colin Manning said.
Fiscal responsibility first is fine; fiscal responsibility only is an irresponsible dodge, as Ms.
And increased social spending shouldn't mean the end of fiscal responsibility or runaway inflation.
These concise, reasonably priced works should find eager readers in public and school libraries and in the hands of parents who want to train children in fiscal responsibility.
Because it could be theoretically zeroed out each year, such spending is the best measure of fiscal responsibility.
Municipal bond and coupon volume has been declining since the passage of the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982, which effectively eliminated the issuance of municipal bearer bonds.
Fiscal responsibility and budget hawkism were conservative keystones, but the neo-cons' "what, me worry?
To do so would represent an abrogation of fiscal responsibility on the part of management and an inappropriate assumption of that responsibility by the public accounting firms.
CPAs could be spokespeople for more fiscal responsibility.
But we can only achieve that; freedom by encouraging every African American--and especially; young people--to commit to wealth building and fiscal responsibility.
6221-6233 as part of the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982 (TEFRA).