bracket creep

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a movement into a higher tax bracket as taxable income increases

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Such a slowing in the rate of decline leads Ursua to calculate fiscal drag will fall by 1.
The benefit of reduced fiscal drag and a more positive outlook for the economy as a whole is that it will feed back into the housing market," Alexander said.
What the coalition are less keen to talk about, in fact I don't recall it being mentioned by the Chancellor at all in his four years in the job is fiscal drag at the top end of the 20p tax bracket.
The fiscal drag is a big wild card," said Neil Dutta, head of US economics at Renaissance Macro Research in New York.
Austerity bite Like the consensus of economists from Wall Street and beyond, Deutsche Bank has been forecasting enough fiscal drag to hold back growth to roughly 1.
A breakfast conversation with Mrs Lawrence: "My dear, I was thinking, subject of course to extensive consultation, due diligence, and notwithstanding the fiscal drag on our household budgetary arrangements, whether a new pot of marmalade might be procured?
However, the concern of those who fear a "double-dip" into recession is that a reticence to invest, if extended to the end of the year, will then be compounded by increased fiscal drag manifest in Europe directly through "austerity budgets" and in the US through the natural expiry of tax-breaks originally instituted under the Bush presidency.
Once upon a time, it was a tax which affected only the super-rich, but rising house prices coupled with the phenomenon of fiscal drag have pulled more and more of Middle England into its ambit and this is now reaching a critical mass.
In the short term the fiscal position is helped by high oil prices and we expect a deficit on the current account of 8bn [pounds sterling] this year, rising to 12bn [pounds sterling] in 2007/8 despite the extra tax revenues generated by fiscal drag.
Together, these changes will produce fiscal drag equal to 1.
equity market can continue if companies see improved top-line growth as a result of pent-up demand, realization that interest rates will eventually rise, diminished fiscal drag and more balanced global growth.
5% in the next three quarters, as housing starts to increase, business investment accelerates, consumers keep spending and the fiscal drag eases.
Dudley's position is that the increase in payroll tax rates, the rise in high income tax rates, the increase in taxes associated with the Affordable Care Act, and the sequester -- if sustained -- will result in fiscal drag of about 1.
A considerable proportion is arising from National Insurance contributions and a further amount from what is known as fiscal drag.
So the Tories need to go for the specific rather than the general - eggs and milk rather than fiscal drag or taper relief on capital gains.