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the first largest innermost toe

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15) For isolated lesions of metatarsophalangeal or interphalangeal joints of the first toe, limited bone and joint resection may be sufficient.
Culture wound of the distal left phalanx of the first toe Culture wound The absence of overt pathogenic aerobic bacterial flora and Staphylococcus aureus spp.
Close observation for an increased HV angle, increased IM angle, pronation of the first toe, increased DMAA, enlarged medial eminence, and subluxation of the sesamoids must be performed.
The first toe being forced into an incorrect position, which in turn forces the joint to stick out, causes the bunion.
Yet, according to a new study there are major differences in a wide array of variables including arch shape, the lateral side of the foot, the first toe, and the ball of the foot.
In September 1997, the patient noted pain and soreness in knees, ankles, right first toe, and plantar heels.
first toe into the cinema market could herald moves by a number of major players.
However, for the group whose second toe was longer than the first toe (N = 9), all flare measures seem to have a reasonably high correlation ([R.
The new ORTHOLOC[TM] 3Di Reconstruction System offers surgeons a wide range of plate designs to address some of the most common procedures performed by foot and ankle surgeons, including bunion reconstruction and fusions of the first toe," stated Carroll P.
On examination, the patients right first toe appeared red and swollen.
His first toe in the water was with a leg in Burtondale Boy, whose lack of ability meant he joined a riding school after the end of his two-year-old career.
It's a first toe in the water for made-to-order furniture from Tesco Direct and we'll be closely listening to what our customers make of it.
Chief operating officer Phil Burgess said: "This contract is a major coup for the firm which is the first toe in the water for [our] overseas business.
Furthermore, rather than pointing forward as in a theropod or backward as in a perching bird, the Archaeopteryx first toe pointed sideways as a human thumb does, says Mayr.
The first toe pointed inward, like a human thumb, whereas those of modern birds are reversed to help them perch.