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a sin said to be inherited by all descendants of Adam

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The first effect of the first sin was that Adam and Eve knew they were naked and were ashamed.
however, thought the first sin had resulted from a very conscious, adult decision that actually damaged human nature and was passed on through procreation.
13) Since for Thomas Aquinas the first sin of the angels and of Adam and Eve is pride and not envy, this question will have to be addressed in light of Girardian hermeneutics.
will suggest that the Thomistic tradition offers a good complement to Girard's work because of its emphasis on the role of pride in the first sin, its doctrines concerning sanctifying grace, and its notion of positive mimesis.
44) Indeed, it seems clear that for Aquinas the first sin of the angels was pride, after which came their envy of human beings.
Hence, it may appropriately be said that the first sin of the demon was pride.
Despite the distortion caused by the first sin of the first man and woman, the letter reminds us that the creation of woman reveals that humanity is a relational reality, human beings cannot exist alone.
Adam was created first--had he not cooperated with Eve in the first sin, mankind would not have fallen.
Blessed Edith speculates that the first sin was not necessarily an act of "formal disobedience" but something of a sensual nature--"perhaps a form of union against the original order.
These stories don't attempt to provide a literal history of the first sin, the second sin, and so on.
Because of the first sin, Adam and Eve were forced to work for their food and endure pain in childbirth," she taught.