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(statistics) any of three points that divide an ordered distribution into four parts each containing one quarter of the scores

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For example, when the cost index increased from 5 to 15 percent, the share of families receiving an EBPI offer would decrease from 36 to 29 percent for the families in the first quartile of income distribution, from 71 to 66 percent for the second quartile families, and from 86 to 79 percent for the third quartile families, compared with from 91 to 90 percent for the fourth quartile families.
Sellers in the first quartile, who have 1-31 positive reports, receive prices that are $24.
Each whisker extends out from the box, one from the first quartile and the other from the third quartile, to them ost extreme value that still falls within 1.
Moreover, inflation affects bank lending even at relatively low inflation rates--the median ratio of bank lending to GDP in the second quartile is 10 percent smaller than in the first quartile, and the median inflation rate in the second quartile is only 6.
9-fold greater risk than those in the first quartile, according to Dr.
9 per cent and ranked in the first quartile of the universe of balanced fund managers.
Compared with the first quartile, the odds ratio for GI bleeding was 1.
For inferential analysis, we divided our study sample into quartiles that reflected the range of cognitive scores: The first quartile includes the one-fourth of respondents corresponding to the first to 10th percentiles of cognitive scores for the NLSY sample (lowest cognitive ability); the second and third quartiles include the one-fourth corresponding to percentiles 11-24 and 25-48 for the overall sample, respectively; and the fourth quartile includes the one-fourth corresponding to percentiles 50-99 (highest cognitive ability).
To break into the first quartile across the six metrics, Indiana needs to grow at 10 percent to 15 percent per year in each of these critical areas.
All of the returns are positive and statistically different from zero on days when the AOII fell in the first quartile.
The top-performing companies ranked in the study's first quartile dedicate six months or less to planning, evenly dividing time between strategic and financial plans.
Organisations at Organizations at Organizations at the bound of the the median the bound of the first quartile last quartile Using time sheets $104.
blames the "ratcheting effect" of increasing pay levels on the misplaced notion by CEOs and directors of wanting to be in the first quartile.
As the following tabulation shows, the first quartile in 1979-88 contained 37 industries, of which 15 were in the first quartile during the 1973-79 period, 10 of which were in the second and 12 of which came from the third and fourth quartiles.
Table 6 presents the median ratios of net income to assets and net income to equity in 1988 for the bank holding company subsidiaries engaged in the eleven nonbank activities, along with the profit rates at the first quartile (25th percentile) and at the third quartile (75th percentile).