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a nonprofit library maintained for public use

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He noted that the first public library was established early in Kuwait's
The building was the city's first public library, donated by Sir William Haswell Stephenson in 1896.
We took pride in knowing that Franklin established our first public company, our first public library, our first insurance company and our first medical school, at the University of Pennsylvania, which Franklin also founded.
He also opened the first public library and founded the first volunteer fire department in America.
Residents will cross the threshold Saturday of the community's first public library, touted as the most environmentally friendly building a city contractor has ever constructed.
Live Help is the first public library service of its kind in Europe, it's cutting edge stuff," says Peter.
One of the earliest self-organized clusters of free agents was Benjamin Franklin's Junto, formed in 1727, which created a subscription library for its members, which in turn became the first public library in America.
With the help of Cosimo's guiding hand and generous purse, the first public library in the history of Europe was opened in the Florentine convent of San Marco in 1444.
In retirement he maintained a professional involvement in many organisations, and was Vice President of Friends of Libraries Australia, a body he helped establish in 1994, having been involved in Friends of Library activities since establishing the first public library group in Australia, in 1972.
She successfully designed a building on East 32nd Street, acquired through the estate of Nathan Straus, which was to become the first public library dedicated exclusively for the use of young people.
Established in 1848, the BPL was the first publicly supported municipal library in America, the first public library to lend books, the first to have a branch library and the first to have a children's room.
Braybrook's first public library is just one of several new community facilities to be delivered by the Victorian Coalition Government with work now underway on a new $12.
IT WAS wealthy men in top hats and shiny shoes who sounded the battle cry for Liverpool's first public library but it was the city's ordinary people they had in mind to benefit.
Franklin, home to America's first public library, serves as a growing hub in the Boston area; major corporations such as EMC, New England Power, and Cisco operate corporate facilities out of the Boston suburb.
The USA's first public library has more than six million volumes plus murals, frescoes, paintings and sculptures.