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the officer below the master on a commercial ship


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The average starting salary for first officers, also called co-pilots, at regional airlines is $22,400 a year, according to the Air Line Pilots Association.
The recruitment transfers began in April when the first batch of six Boeing 737-rated First Officers arrived in Abu Dhabi to start type conversion training on to the Boeing 777 at Etihad Airways' Flight Training Centre.
They were joined by Gulf Air's first lady captain Vanessa Umba, Gulf Air's first officer Yasmeen Fraidoon and private pilot and former governor of Arabian section Yvonne Trueman.
We offer a clear career path for pilots with the potential to move from first officer to captain more quickly than at other airlines.
The first officer landed the aircraft normally and a standby captain was called out to operate the flight, with a two and a half hour delay.
APPFO is intended to deliver world-class training to prepare professional pilots in their pursuit of a career path in general aviation or for them to undertake jet endorsement training and move into a first officer position within an airline upon graduation.
The low-cost carrier, which already has more than 200 pilots, requires 14 EoAC" seven captains and seven first officers EoAC" to operate each of the 50 aircraft ordered from Boeing in 2008.
Besides faulting Serra and first officer Dennis Hoyes at a hearing, the NTSB said that a culture of lax security by flight operator Marlin Air contributed to the crash, the Associated Press reported.
He worked overtime to pay for flying lessons and in 2005 he became a first officer.
The captain and first officer of a ship used by a conservation group to protest against Canada's annual seal hunt have been charged with getting too close to hunters.
On landing, it was confirmed that the first officer, the co-pilot, had died during the flight.
With senior first officer John Coward, 41, at the controls and fatner-of-three Captain Peter Burkill, 43, in command, the aircraft "descended rapidly and struck the ground, some 1,000ft short of the paved runway surface, just inside the airfield boundary fence".
The first officer shot was Mark Wilbur from the San Fernando Valley's Mission Division, who was hit in the thigh Jan.
The 27-year-old female first officer has not been named by police at the Italian harbour where the yacht was berthed.
A british first officer serving on a millionaire's luxury yacht was raped while the boat was undergoing repairs in an Italian harbour.