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the right to take another's property if an obligation is not discharged

a large dark-red oval organ on the left side of the body between the stomach and the diaphragm

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A $3,600,000 first lien mortgage for the acquisition of a 73-unit multifamily building on Park street in Albany, NY.
On 30 June 2011, in accordance with the terms of the first lien notes, the company offered to purchase up to USD10m aggregate principal amount of its first lien notes at a purchase price in cash equal to 100% of their principal amount, plus accrued and unpaid interest, if any, to, but not including the date of purchase.
The Offerors are also commencing exchange offers (the "Unsecured Exchange Offers" and, together with the First Lien Exchange Offers, the "Exchange Offers") to exchange up to approximately $124 million aggregate principal amount of 11.
A $1,200,000 first lien mortgage to refinance a single-tenant on Page Avenue in Staten Island, NY.
As previously disclosed by CEOC, in connection with these discussions, the First Lien Bank Lenders entered into non-disclosure agreements ("NDAs") with the Company pursuant to which the Company provided certain confidential information to the First Lien Bank Lenders.
A $1,990,000 first lien mortgage to refinance a 10 unit multi-family on Duffield St in Brooklyn, NY.
All outstanding airport revenue bonds will have a prior lien on airport net revenues, however, under the new resolution no additional first lien debt may be issued.
The recovery rating for Solo's senior secured first lien credit facility, consisting of a revolving credit facility and term loan ('RR2'; expected 71%-90% recovery) reflect superior expected recovery given the security from substantially all assets.
A $1,600,000 first lien mortgage to refinance a three-unit multifamily on Chauncey Street in Brooklyn, NY.
A $2,525,000 first lien mortgage to refinance a 26unit multifamily property on East 160th Street in Bronx, NY.
The company has replaced this capital by expanding its first lien term loan by $375.
A $1,275,000 first lien mortgage to refinance a 3-unit multifamily property on 11th Street in Brooklyn, NY.
Company Expands First Lien Facility to Prepay Second Lien Facility
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