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the leading woman in an art or profession

the wife of a chief executive

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Fifteen other First Ladies from across the continent attended the session on Monday.
But by the television age, Bess had become something of an exception in bucking the growing duties of first ladies.
While their husbands, who always wearing the standard black suit, white shirt and blue or red tie while reading from teleprompters the speeches written by their aides , these first ladies are carefully portraying an image of themselves using fashions reflecting their culture and sense of style as they go about their daily activities, like models on a runway, in front of an audience and many cameras.
Melania Trump's current 13-point favorability advantage over her husband is roughly in line with those of the last two first ladies.
From then on, Nigerian Presidents' wives and State Governors continue to function in that capacity with each tenure and First Ladies initiating one pet- project or the other.
United States], Oct 21 ( ANI ): First Lady Melania Trump has donated the couture piece that she wore to the 2017 inaugural balls to the First Ladies Collection at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.
My interest with the US-Africa Summit lies with the role of First Ladies.
First ladies are expected to dress well, but the job doesn't come with a clothing allowance or a salary.
Speaking during a televised interview at the First Ladies Alliance ceremony held in New York Friday, Mary Ayen Mayardit urged support for Concern for Women and Children (CWC); an organisation she founded.
ANKARA, Nov 3, 2010 (TUR) -- First ladies of Turkey, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Macedonia and Slovenia are set to come together Thursday for an international congress on cultural heritage and music in the Turkish capital, Ankara.
First Ladies and the Fourth Estate: Press Framing of Presidential Wives.
Throughout history, first ladies have influenced policy, championed social causes and even set fashion trends.
Our earliest first ladies may not have been aware they were expected to seal million-dollar deals for their memoirs.
The first ladies strolled "The Heart Truth's First Ladies Red Dress Collection.
Clinton regretfully ignored America's distrust of powerful first ladies.
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