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the leading woman in an art or profession

the wife of a chief executive

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My interest with the US-Africa Summit lies with the role of First Ladies.
In 2004, the Organisation of African First Ladies against HIV/AIDS (OAFLA), which Jeanette Kagame co-chairs, launched the "Treat Every Child as Your Own" campaign.
First ladies have tried all sorts of tactics to hold down their clothing costs, including keeping some dresses in rotation.
The poll, conducted by Siena College, claims the current first lady Michelle Obama is ranked only 5th among all the First Ladies of the US.
Florence Harding also bridged the gap between traditional and modern first ladies.
Other strong first ladies have included Eleanor Roosevelt, who became the eyes and ears for a husband with polio and broke precedent by holding press conferences, traveling around the country and giving her opinions freely in a syndicated newspaper column.
Our earliest first ladies may not have been aware they were expected to seal million-dollar deals for their memoirs.
The first ladies strolled "The Heart Truth's First Ladies Red Dress Collection.
Organized chronologically by administration, this accessible reference presents biographical essays on each of the First Ladies in U.
These stories (including dramatic photographs) are by turns shocking, romantic, funny, and tragic, so First Ladies will appeal to even reluctant readers.
They also have served as a platform, political or otherwise, for a fair number of first ladies throughout the 20th century, starting in 1909 with Helen Helen Taft.
In a move designed to energize one of its collectibles lines and boost its company profile, Woodmere China has signed a licensing agreement with the National First Ladies Library.
Prime Minister's wife Cherie Booth may have been coming under fire in Britain for wading into politics but across the pond, attention is focused on First Ladies of a different kind.
Some first ladies have coped with the dilemma less adeptly than others, and Betty Ford gets a particularly harsh review.
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