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the season during which a crop grows best

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THE first frosts have already arrived in parts of the UK, which is your sign to get tender plants under cover before they succumb to the ravages of winter.
As the first frosts appear, it's time to get busy in your gardens and prepare for the winter chill Have you had chance to get into your garden this week?
The tulip bulbs are planted every year after the first frost and replace the pink red and white begonias and impatiens of the summer.
Now that the evenings are beginning to draw in and the first frost may not be too distant, bring in all indoor plants that have been having a holiday outside - but give them a feed first.
In late fall, before the first frost and when the figs are not ripening quickly enough, I apply an Italian trick: I coat the underside of each fig with olive oil; this expedites ripening.
Picked after they soften in the year's first frost, fresh hips are dried for tea or used fresh in jams.
Put together the planting this month (it'll take an hour or so), and it will thrive until first frost in cold climates, or late fall into winter in mild climates.
Important climate variables include the coldest temperature that the site experiences in winter, the interval between the last frost of spring and the first frost of the autumn, the temperatures typically experienced during that growing season, and the frequency and amount of rainfall when the grape vines flower and when fruit is harvested
To get respectable cabbages, broccoli and turnips from the same ground that produced the spring spinach, the spinach bed should be harvested about 90 days before the first frost.
Since that first frost a few days before Christmas, all the summer vegetables - tomatoes, eggplant, corn, the stuff you can kinda carry into winter if the weather's good - are gone,'' said Patricia Jones, senior gardener for the Department of Recreation and Parks, which runs the garden.
Half-dark, wholly cold, the evening of first frost falls down as rain, cool mouth against her unprotected neck.
First, you'll enjoy their vibrant blooms until first frost and then Encore([R]) Azaleas will enjoy a period of dormancy to become established before next spring's arrival.
After first frost forecasters say the worst winter in 11 years is on the way What a load of waffle .
LIFT PLANTS DIG up tubers and rhizomes like cannas and dahlias once the foliage has been blackened by the first frost.
An Indian summer is when it's much warmer than average after the first frost of the year.