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the first largest innermost toe

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Dialling the code avoids this confusion and allows Ofcom to allocate numbers in which the first digit after the area code is 0 or 1.
In particular, Van Caneghem (2002) finds that when managers are faced with a nine in the second earnings position they manipulate earnings upward to round the second earnings digit to zero, thereby increasing the first digit by one.
A first digit code of 0, 1, 2 or 3 (as appropriate) will be assigned only if transcripts provided exhibit at least 100 semester-hours or 150 quarter-hours of actual graded classroom instruction.
The fight-most digit of the word score is the first digit.
The stem cells in birds that normally produce the first digit die off during early stages of embryonic development, while cells programmed to manufacture the index unit give rise instead to a thumb-like appendage.
ACL users can substitute that program's LEADING function for the formula in step 1 to extract the first digit, then create a cross-tabulation table.
I personally prefer any handgun when the caliber starts with a "four" as the first digit.
The first digit of the actual defensive call identifies the full-court defense, while the second digit targets the half-court defense.
The first digit is a 'one', which means the home side put the ball into Chelsea's net.
The first digit (3) indicates this series is composed of nickel-chromium steels.
Specifically, where a member's zip code begins with a zero, that first digit is omitted.
And no one knows yet whether the frenzied activities of the world's computer buffs will manage to beat the Millennium bug (where computer clocks unable to cope with a new first digit in the year will wind back to 1900, and paralyze hospitals, financial institutions and airlines in the process).
For example, to check if the VAT number 705 3804 53 is valid, multiply the first digit by eight, the second digit by seven, the third digit by six and so on.
He wound back clocks by more than 100,000 miles so he could doctor old MOT certificates by removing the first digit of the proper figure.
The first digit of this was your original number (that is, how many times you want to have chocolate each week).