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She was robed, not as I had last seen her, but in the dress which she had worn on the memorable evening when we met on the bridge--in the dress in which she had first appeared to me, by the waterfall in Scotland.
It was not wonderful that Magdalen should have failed to recognize him when he first appeared in view.
And so it came to pass that, just a week after the day when my Fairy-friends first appeared as Children, I found myself taking a farewell-stroll through the wood, in the hope of meeting them once more.
If you examine it closely the morning after it freezes, you find that the greater part of the bubbles, which at first appeared to be within it, are against its under surface, and that more are continually rising from the bottom; while the ice is as yet comparatively solid and dark, that is, you see the water through it.
The soft-hearted cook added his intercession, and the result was that the man who had first appeared undertook its delivery.
Trifling as it at first appeared, it so connected itself with innumerable trains of thought and modes of feeling that it became the central point of all.
They first appeared in two bodies on a neighbouring hill; having there dismounted, and taken off their fur mantles, they advanced naked to the charge.
But, one morning long afterwards to be remembered, it was black midnight with the Golden Dustman when he first appeared.
The disease first appeared as I reached the highest part of the quai des Ecoles.
The simple fact that so many products are arranged chronologically and clearly illustrated means that you can quickly get a useful sense of what else was going on when a particular item first appeared, an unprecedented facility.
The burgeoning company first appeared on the BE INDUSTRIAL/SERVICE 100 list last year at No.
Fossils recently found in southwestern China may be of a lineage that originated long before the Cambrian explosion of biodiversity, when most major groups of animals first appeared in the fossil record.
Founded: 1954, in Milan under the name Gioventu Studentesca (Student Youth); the name "Communion and Liberation" first appeared in 1969.
95) is another military classic which shouldn't be missed, even though it first appeared over fifty years ago.
was the beginning of a spotty but still-growing public awareness of Feynman diagrams, which first appeared in abstruse physics journals decades earlier.
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