First World War

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She said the project was a great way to engage students with the Centenary of the First World War and ensure that the stories of New Zealanders during the War were never forgotten.
Gibb Stockton Council chief executive Neil Schneider said: "This is a great project which fits perfectly with our ongoing plans to remember and learn about residents from Stockton who fought in the First World War, so I'm delighted Heritage Lottery Fund has awarded funding.
In Indian and Pakistani culture the First World War is known as the Jhang-E-Azeem - it is an Urdu language title which in English means the Great War.
Caption: This painting depicts the memorial Canada built on Vimy Ridge to commemorate the country's First World War contribution and its war dead.
In May Cardiff had its own "field of poppies" to remember those who died in the First World War.
Martin Purdy, who has written books about the First World War and acted as researcher and adviser for the BBC's Who Do You Think You Are?
The bond was issued in exchange for 5% War Loan 1929 to 1947, which was issued in 1917 as part of the effort by the government to pay for the First World War.
ISLAMABAD -- British High Commissioner to Pakistan Philip Barton on Monday unveiled a plaque in honour of three soldiers from Pakistan, who were awarded Victoria Crosses during the First World War.
HM Treasury on Friday revealed that the government is to pay off part of the nation's First World War debt, as part of a redemption of bonds reaching back to the eighteenth century.
History Book by Gordon McGregor, Mannfred Goldbeck: The First World War in Namibia.
ASHORT film telling the true emotional story of a young Coventry soldier has reduced many visitors to The Herbert Art Gallery and Museum's new First World War exhibition to tears.
The Newmills Cultural Group received PS9,900 from the HLF to upgrade the existing VC memorial in the village, as well as run a series of commemorative events to educate people about Pte Morrow and the heroism and horrors of the First World War.
On 19 July, the Imperial War Museum in London unveils its new First World War galleries and a reconfigured atrium that will transform how the museum displays its large-scale exhibits.
Annika Mombauer is one of the few historians of stature who continues to maintain that for all we know about the complex and precarious circumstances and constellations in Europe in the summer of 1914, ultimate responsibility for the outbreak of the First World War at that juncture nevertheless lay squarely with the Austrian and German regimes.
THE Edinburgh Riding of the Marches will this year commemorate the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War.
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