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Moreover, and this is perhaps the more important point, the lapse in notice of the law came to the Court wrapped in a challenge to the heart of the first New Deal agenda, with its centralized planning, its industrial codes of law, and its innovative administrative methods.
Officially the UK's first New Deal Comedian, he was on the dole for two years, but his hobby his profession by applying for New Deal support.
Matt is being billed as the UK's first New Deal comedian sponsored by the government in his present vocation after two years on the dole.
The first new deal is with Xinyi in China to provide busbars for their heated car windows - a deal expected to be worth pounds 500,000 a year.
The contract is Becks' first new deal since deciding to cut down his commercial interests to concentrate on his football career.
Virtually all of the programs of the so-called First New Deal (1933-35) were aimed at raising prices and incomes by reducing the output of goods and services dramatically, notoriously so under the first Agricultural Adjustment Act, which sharply restricted farm acreage and mandated the wholesale slaughter of hogs during a period of widespread hunger, (24) and more generally under the National Industrial Recovery Act's "codes of fair competition," which established output-restricting producer cartels in more than seven hundred U.
Altogether, Hamby argues that the first New Deal was "a humanitarian success, a political triumph, and an economic failure"--and the second New Deal fared not much better.
Lipa is the first New Deal for Musicians programme to be included on the web site and helps students train as musicians,DJs and singers and gain other jobs in the music industry.
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