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the transformation from an agricultural to an industrial nation

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WHEN you come to think about it, isn't it odd that one major section of the world's first industrial revolution should be found in the valleys of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Pennines?
Where the first industrial revolution gave us all the energy we could want in order to create unimaginable wealth, now we've decided--we've learned--that we can't do this without some sense of sustainability, which includes carbon emission.
One is that much of Britain's modern wealth was created in a region that was the heartland of the first industrial revolution powered by geniuses like Boulton, Watt, Priestley and Wedgwood.
Times have clearly changed since Midlanders forged ahead with the world's first Industrial Revolution.
In this article I illustrate this link between institutions, history and development, by describing the institutional context which led during the eighteenth century to the First Industrial Revolution, arguably one of the most significant events in the economic history of the modern world.
The authors joke that if the first Industrial Revolution had a motto, it would be, "If brute force doesn't work.
From the first industrial revolution in the United Kingdom to the current economic boom in China and India, burning oil and coal appears to have generated economic wealth.
She promises to accomplish her goals by exploring the meanings of consumption patterns for the first industrial revolution in order to link histories of industrialization to more recent histories of consumption.
While the first industrial revolution emphasized community relations, the second put a stress on a "singular personal life," precisely that which psychoanalysis also made possible.
In poorer countries, combined technological and agrarian revolutions are drawing people to cities with forces as powerful as those that caused the explosion of tiny towns in the north of England during the first industrial revolution 250 years ago.
And the steam engine was to the first Industrial Revolution what the computer has been to the Information Revolution--its trigger, but above all its symbol.
The question here is whether the Internet and cyberspace and the third industrial revolution will do to Islam what the first industrial revolution did for Christianity.
The first Industrial Revolution introduced the notion of labor productivity, which means getting more and more work out of fewer and fewer people.
Morton: It's easy to think that the first industrial revolution happened without its bumps and that we just kind of got here.
Relying extensively on statistical data, but also incorporating an impressive reading of primary and secondary sources, Aldrich has written an account of safety in mining, railroading, and manufacturing in the United States from the first industrial revolution to the outbreak of World War II.
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